About 100 people armed in rainbow flags have descending on News Corp‘s headquarters in Sydney, in protest of an absolute deadshit graphic in the Daily Telegraph yesterday that likened LGBTI youth to having an illness.

Protesters drew a huge rainbow in chalk on the ground, as tweeted by NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong.

News Corp sent an email around to its employees earlier today regarding the protest.

“As a company, we respect the right to freedom of speech and an individual’s right to express their views publicly,” it said, in an email obtained by PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“We will monitor the protest and ask that in the meantime, you continue to go about your business as usual.”

The piece yesterday was a fuck-up from start to finish. The piece was intended to be a pearl-clutching piece about unhealthy kids, but somewhere a mistake was made and stats about the number of LGBTI youth was included. At least, we hope it was a mistake. The Daily Tele would have a greater leg to stand on here if it hadn’t spent the last two years arguing that Safe Schools promoted pedophilia or some shit.

To make matters worse, Daily Tele editor Christopher Dore refused to own up to the mistake, instead putting the onus on everybody else for ‘wrongly’ misinterpreting the graphic.

Sorry, but there is just absolutely no way a reasonable person would not interpret that graphic to be equating queerness with unhealthiness. Do better.

Photo: James Jeffreys / Twitter.