Well, this is probably the last thing you would want to happen.

The Telegraph reports that Marco Masala, who provides web hosting for over 1,500 customers, accidentally wiped the servers and backups which held his data – including that of his customers – with an accidental and unchecked bit of code.

Programmer Accidentally Nukes His Entire Company With A Shit Bit Of Code

He posted on help forum Server Fault to see if there was any way he could reverse the ‘rm – rf’ command he had written into a Bash script. That command, when not given specific variables, erases everything. And he had all the servers mounted at the time. Sooo…

“If you really don’t have any backups, I am sorry to say but you just nuked your entire company,” said one user. “You don’t need technical advice, you need to call your lawyer,” said another.

Look, we’ve all been in the middle of a Word document and accidentally closed it. That’s character-building and part of growing into a mature adult. But decimating your entire company with a loose bit of code is probably a step above.

Source: The Telegraph.

Photo: Getty Images / Kamil Krawczyk.