Pro-Brexit Pollie Gets Roasted By J.K. Rowling, Somehow Makes It Even Worse

When was the last time you shook your head and let out a soft, rueful “maaaaate”?

Too long ago? Right. Let’s fix that.

The aftermath of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union has had a few lil’ consequences – the PM is resigning, the Pound has tanked, and Scotland is absolutely fuming. 

Unlike England, the northern folks would have been quite happy to keep their EU membership, thank you very much.

In fact, so pissed are they, first minister and Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon is considering a follow-up to 2014’s failed Scottish independence referendum.

News of this backlash has rankled some staunch supporters of the Leave campaign. Among them is our story’s poor, put-upon protagonist David Coburn of the ultra-nationalist UKIP party. 
In a stunning example of black pots and kettles, Coburn went ahead and broadcast this hot take upon the planet, seemingly ignoring the fact that is exactly what he was pushing for the UK to do to the EU:

That stunning lack of self-awareness didn’t make it past Twitter maven and occasional writer J.K. Rowling, who went ahead and broadcast that daftness to her 7.5 million followers:

Alright, the story would be grand if it ended there, but nooope. Deep breaths, people. Coburn replied… with this:

The replies to that nugget of fanboy-blinded internet shame are as numerous as they are savage, and we have neither the inclination nor the heart to list them all here. The damage is done. 

Look, like Rowling said, irony as a concept is over. 2016 is bizzaro-world, and there’s seemingly nothing we can do about it. There’s nowhere we can go from here. As for Scotland… good luck, guys. 

Source: Twitter. 
Photo: Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty.