Huge News: The Sun Is Reporting That Princess Di’s Ghost Will Be At The Royal Wedding

Australia‘s not suffering from a lack of shitty News Corp newspapers, but even our worst barely flirt with the titanic heights of shittiness reached by the UK‘s The Sun. Combining the reactionary fascism of the Herald Sun, the spurious tabloid speculation of the Daily Telegraph, and the overall sensibility of those weird magazines that are just crosswords, gossip yarns, and quizzes, The Sun is, in short, a toilet.

But, hey, here’s me being all mean and critical when they have such an incredible scoop: the ghost of Princess Diana herself will be at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. That might sound slightly far-fetched but it’s all here in the article ‘Princess Diana ‘will be there at Prince Harry’s royal wedding – as a ghost’, say psychics‘.

The article quotes psychic twins Terry and Linda Jamison who, in turn, quote Princess Di from beyond the grave: “I will most definitely be present for Harry and Meghan’s wedding.” Pretty hard to argue with that very unambiguous phrasing.

Not only will she be present for the wedding in May, Princess Di also told the twins that she was present (in ghost-form) at another royal wedding: “I was also there for William and Kate’s wedding.

According to the late Princess, she reckons the wedding will be grouse: “It will be beautiful, like my own ceremony with a horse and carriage.” Sounds very nice.

It is absolutely wonderful to discover that, not only do ghosts experience time in a linear fashion, they are also free enough from their post-death commitments that they can attend social functions.

At this stage, The Sun was unable to provide more information on what other events the ghost of Princess Diana will be attending, let alone the many other events that are being attended by any other number of celebrity ghosts.

The Jamison twins have previously claimed that they psychically predicted 9/11, information they apparently did not see fit to use in any productive fashion.