Prince William Kindly Tells Paps To Stay The Fuck Out Of Baby George’s Face

Prince George, the last word in born-to-reign-over-us royal babies, has made quite the splash in his two short but influential years, but this week, his parents have declared that enough is enough, and kindly requested that paparazzi stay the fuck out of his tiny, royal face.
A sternly-worded letter from Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s Kensington Palace residence has criticised the increasingly dangerous lengths people will go to in order to covertly snap George as he does normal two-year-old shit like play in the park and drool. 
The letter, which you can read in full here, alleges some pretty shady tactics on the part of photographers, and notes, amongst other things, that they have stalked the prince and his nanny, camped out on private property, hidden in bushes and sand dunes, and:
“used other children to draw Prince George into view around playgrounds.”
The letter noted that, while the majority of international publications, and all outlets in Britain, only run official images, there is still an inexplicable thirst for paparazzi shots from “the handful of international media still willing to pay for them.” 
Prince William’s mother Diana died in 1997 when the car she was travelling in crashed in Paris while attempting to avoid paparazzi photographers, so for him, the issue is a particularly personal one.
“A line has been crossed and any further escalation in tactics would represent a very real security risk,” the letter continued. If you run that through the British politeness translator, it’s basically a threat to rain almighty hellfire on those who persist in snapping the prince. 
via BBC News
Photo: Max Mumby via Getty Images