Denmark’s Prince Refuses To Be Buried Next To His Wife Bc He Was Never King

Imaging being so mad at your wife that you hold a grudge until after your death. Now imagine being that mad at your wife but also your wife is the Queen of Denmark and you are the Prince.

Congratulations, you’ve become this guy.

Photo: Getty / Max Mumby.

That’s Prince Henrik of Denmark. His married his wife, Queen Margrethe II, in 1967, and in doing so was bestowed the title of queen’s prince consort.

But what he really wanted to be was king, and 50 years of simmering resentment has brought us here: he’s refusing to be buried next to his wife after he dies.

“It makes me angry that I am subjected to discrimination,” he told French newspaper Le Figaro. “Denmark, which is otherwise known as an avid defender of gender equality, is apparently willing to consider husbands as worth less than their wives.”

Oh my god dude just be buried with your higher-ranking wife.

This high-key saltinesses has been brewing for decades. The author of his biography, ‘Prince Henrik: A Portrait of a Loner‘ (I’m not even kidding) told the New York Times that the first hint came around his 50th birthday (in 1984), when he told a TV station that “he found it difficult to ask his wife for pocket money for cigarettes.”

The Royal Danish House‘s director of communications told local paper BT that “for the prince, the decision not the be buried beside the queen is the natural consequence of not having been treated equally to his spouse – by not having the title and role he has desired.”


Spare a thought for the sculptor who has spent seven years making a glass sarcophagus that was meant for two, but which shall now only hold one. IMO, the sculptor should shotgun the second spot. He made the damn thing, he should be allowed to lie in it for all eternity