Prince Harry Appeared To Majorly Shade King Charles At The Coronation & It’s Iconic, TBH

king charles prince harry coronation day

Prince Harry‘s every move has been scrutinised and torn apart since he married Meghan Markle (and probably since before that, too) and this has all but intensified at King Charles‘ Coronation.

Monarchy fans are up in arms after it was reported that Prince Harry *gasp* did not sing along to “God Save the King”, AKA the British national anthem. How could he?!

The rumours began after gossip rags and anti-Meghan Twitter accounts claimed so on social media, despite the evidence being pretty dodgy — in footage from the coronation, a red feather from Princess Anne‘s hat conveniently blocks most of Harry’s face during the procession, so it’s unclear whether or not his mouth is moving (though it does look closed for a bit of it).

Was the feather a paid actor? One can only theorise.

However, even if Prince Harry didn’t sing, this shouldn’t be a big deal — it turns out he hasn’t sung the anthem for years.

Despite this obvious obstruction, the buffoonery online continues — nothing like a healthy conspiracy to keep the British bootlickers happy.

Many have noted that he didn’t bow to King Charles either, and this paired with his refusal to sing “God Save The King” has made people very pissy indeed.

Honestly, if you ask me, this is the funniest fkn thing Harry has done in his life.

Flying half way ’round the world to your decrepit dad’s coronation, only to refuse to actually give a shit about it, is the petty behaviour I live for.

It’s obvious he’s over this shit and only came because he had to, and I’m glad he made that clear — at least someone over there realises how insane it is to chant “God save the King” at an old man in a fluffy hat like we’re in some Regency era Netflix show.

It’s 2023, why are we still pretending any human has the divine right to rule over others? Am I really supposed to believe that over all the people in the world, God chose… Charles?

For me, the monarchy is a bit like tuberculosis — something that I associate with Victorian times and forget, due to my own comfort and privilege, is still around plaguing people to this day.