Here’s A Gloriously Horny Fraser Island Elder Shooting Her Shot On Prince Harry

prince harry fraser island

As you might have heard, Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle have been doing the royal rounds in Australia for the past couple days. As we always do, Australians around the country are losing their collective minds over the couple, particularly considering Markle has just announced she’s pregnant with the couple’s first child.

And it’s perhaps that pregnancy that we’ve got to thank for the best moment of the tour so far. Sweet Megs was off-duty for today’s royal tour of Fraser Island, as rough terrain and pregnant ladies apparently don’t mix. So it was on his lonesome that Harry hung out with the local Butchulla people, who wasted no time in taking advantage of the spousal absence.

I’m talking about Aunty Mally Clarke, the 72-year-old Butchulla elder who saw her chance to catcall the Duke of Sussex and seized it with relish. Please observe:

YOU’RE BETTER LOOKING IN PERSON. Someone crown this woman Queen of the Pickup Artists, ‘cos that’s the best neg I’ve seen in my entire life.

Sweet Harry had the good grace to blush and take it as a compliment. Shout out to the other lady who seconded Aunty Mally’s motion to recognise the surprising in-person hotness of man who’s sixth in line to the British throne. She knows how we do democracy in this country: by putting royals in their place with well-judged objectification.