In A Very 2022 Twist, Prince Charles Received More Than AUD$1.5M From Osama Bin Laden’s Family

Close up of Prince Charles with emoji money bags over his eyes and text that reads "bet u weren't expecting that one!"

It’s been revealed that Prince Charles, who just can’t get enough of receiving absurd amounts of money from people he shouldn’t, allegedly accepted one million pounds from Osama bin Laden‘s family. The man is obsessed.

The Sunday Times claimed Charles received the donation for his charity — the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund — from Osama bin Laden’s half-brothers Shafiq and Bakr bin Laden.

The newspaper alleged he caught up with Bakr at Clarence House in London on October 30, 2013, where he agreed to the money.

It’s the same place where Prince Charles is believed to have received bags stuffed with millions of euros in cash from the former prime minister of Qatar. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at Clarence House.

Before we cast judgement, I’d just like to ask: have we not all been there? Who hasn’t accepted humungous wads of dough from the family of the man who founded al-Qaeda and was responsible for the September 11 terrorist attacks? It simply happens to the best of us.

Sources told The Times a heap of Charles’ advisors allegedly tried to convince him not to accept the donation but he did it anyway. They then pleaded with him to return the money and he refused. The man was on a bloody mission and he didn’t give a rat’s behind what anyone thought.

One household staff member reportedly told Charles “it would not be good for anybody” if the media found out he’d accepted money from bin Laden’s fam bam.

Per the report, a source said: “The fact that a member of the highest level of the British establishment was choosing to broker deals with a name and a family that not only rang alarm bells but abject horror around the world… why would you do this? What good reason is there to do this?”

“I just didn’t feel any member of the British royal family should be involved in that sort of undertaking.”

I truly hate to burst this source’s bubble but the British monarchy has done many a thing they shouldn’t have. Such as Prince Andrew fraternising with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and Charles telling Camilla Parker-Bowles that he wished he could be reincarnated as a tampon so he could live inside her. Also, colonialism.

But I digress.

Chairman of the PWCF Sir Ian Cheshire said the whole situation was fine and no funny business had gone on.

“The donation from Sheik Bakr bin Laden in 2013 was carefully considered by PWCF Trustees at the time,” he said in a statement, per The Guardian.

“Due diligence was conducted, with information sought from a wide range of sources, including government. The decision to accept the donation was taken wholly by the Trustees.

“Any attempt to suggest otherwise is misleading and inaccurate.”

According to The Guardian, a source slammed the implication that Charles had personally brokered the deal, as well as claims that advisors urged him not to accept the money, and then pleaded with him to return it.

Who bloody knows what happened between Princes Charles and Osama bin Laden’s family! Maybe it’s even a psy-op orchestrated by the British royal family to distract us from the #PrinceOfPegging debacle?