Prince Charles Claims Harry’s Good Vibes In Australia Due To Flaming “Ranga” Status

Next in line for the throne Prince Charles has commented on his son Prince Harry / Captain Wales’ sojourn down under, claiming the joy found by Harry on our fine shores correlates directly to his status as a “ranga” – in his words. 

Prince Harry is nearing the end of his month-long trip to Australia, with his public appearances being comparatively brief. What set the tone for Harry’s trip to Australia, however, was one li’l legend’s sign at the AustralianWar Memorial earlier last month, saying, “Red Heads RULE”. The redheaded representative in question, 12-year-old Ethan Toscan, reportedly said Prince Harry told him: “Being a red head is the number one thing a person can ever be.” I mean, he doesn’t not have a point. 

According to Fairfax, Prince Charles commented on Harry’s time Down Under at the opening of an exhibition at the British Museum in London last night, saying: 

I suspect my old Harry is pretty well acclimatised by now and will probably be eating lamingtons, Vegemite sandwiches, Iced VoVos and Violet Crumble bars – and may even be threatening to buy a pair of budgie smugglers…Whatever the case, I am sure he’ll be happy Down Under because of the Aussies’ fondness for rangas.”

Sick one, Dad.

via SMH.
Lead image by Chris Jackson via Getty.