President Obama’s Victory Tweet Breaks Twitter Records

Yesterday Barack Obama was elected President of the United States for another term. In addition to winning the election, Obama also won the Internet after a photo of him embracing wife Michelle was posted to his Twitter profile with the caption “Four more years” that has received a record number of re-tweets: at last count (or at the time of this screen shot) over 755K.

We posted the same photo and caption to the Pedestrian Facebook page, where it accumulated more than 1,600 Likes – something of a social media record for us too.

Twitter reported that throughout the day, people sent more than 31 million election-related Tweets and, as results rolled in, tracked the surge in election-related Tweets at 327,452 Tweets per minute (TPM).

Mazen Rawashdeh, Twitter’s Vice President of Infrastructure Operations Engineering, said “These numbers reflect the largest election-related Twitter conversation during our 6 years of existence, though they don’t capture the total volume of all Tweets yesterday.”

Via Sydney Morning Herald