President Obama Bound For Australia

The most powerful man in the free world is coming to town you guys! The White House announced that Barack Obama is coming to Australia for November November 16 and 17 marking the first visit since he became the 44th President of the United States in 2009. A visit to Australia is just what the doctor ordered considering Australians love the Prez, not to mention it’ll be an ideal time to get off home soil after the latest economic crisis forced him to submit the American Jobs Act which is going to fuck infrastructure in the U.S.

There’s been no confirmation as to where President Obama will spend his two days here, but a visit to Canberra and cameo appearance at Parliament House are inevitably on the agenda. No disrespect to the ACT but we do hope some slightly more exciting locales will make the Presidential itinerary. After all, the guy has been friends with Oprah Winfrey for years (she was heavily involved in both his presidential campaigns) and when she came to Australia we temporarily rebranded iconic national monuments and endangered the life of a national living treasure in her honour.

Granted, he is only the President of the United States compared to being the Queen of the Daytime TV. I guess the President won’t have an endless font of Oprah cash to play with, nor will he have Tourism Australia working as lackeys, but surely there’s a few local “hot spots” he, Michelle and the girls shouldn’t miss?

Julia Gillard said: “The President’s visit will be an important opportunity to renew our close ties and take forward shared objectives, which include the global economy, promoting growth and jobs, planning for transition in Afghanistan as well as developing strong institutions to help address the region’s political, security and economic challenges.”

Well yeah that all sounds like a sensible plan… but what about THIS: