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TIME TO GET EXCITED, CHUCKLEHEADS. Your poop is about to turn purple and smell like rainbow sherbet.

The cult favourite film ‘Super Troopers‘ is inching closer and closer to scoring itself a ribald sibling, after comedy troupe Broken Lizard‘s record-breaking crowdfunding campaign saw it roar to glorious life.

Super Troopers 2‘ began filming in Boston in October of last year, after an IndieGoGo campaign not only scored them the $2million they needed to make the film, but a casual extra $2.45million on top of that, making it the highest-backed film project in crowdfunding history.

Whilst there’s still no word yet on when exactly the film will see the light of day, the promo for it has officially begun.

The Broken Lizard gang are currently visiting the Cannes Film Festival, and decided that there’s no time like the present to roll out the first poster image for the film.

Hold on to all of your butts, pals. It’s REAAAAAAL!


Fox Searchlight has already gotten on board to distribute the film, so expect to see it arrive in a cinema near you at some point.

Source: Indiewire.