Prep Your Bods, Oporto Are Releasing A Wasabi Burger

Produced in association with Oporto.

Over the years we’ve had a bit of an undulating relationship with wasabi – bottoming out years ago after watching that Steve O snort a line of the stuff in the first Jackass movie, but then soaring back to glorious heights upon the discovery of the Ashgrove Wild Wasabi Cheddar, which is truly proof that heaven exists and is full of cheese. Also:

Never Forget.

Our point here being that that glorious, green, Japanese paste can be a terrifying prospect, or a life-affirming joy, depending on how it hits you.
And, honestly, there are few better methods of food delivery than that of the burger. For it is the burger that is truly man’s greatest creation – a slab of protein, coupled with cheese, other stuff, and condiments nestled lovingly betwixt fluffy breaded buns? Go home, every other food! It’s over! You’ve lost!
And now Oporto have lifted the lid on their latest creation: the Wasabi Burger.
(The schematics of the thing call for a slab of grilled chicken, cheese, aioli slaw, and a liberal dollop of wasabi mayo to really kick things up a notch).

If you’re game to tackle it, we know you know where your local Oporto is.