Premiere Issue – Archive of Magazine Firsts

From job interviews to meeting the in-laws first impressions count for far more than we’d care to admit. As rational humans we are programmed to process a plethora of preconceived verbal and visual signifiers, which despite our aversion to judgement, can send alarm bells ringing. Offhand politically incorrect joke? Bigot. Crazy eyed and hirsute? Serial killer. Unnecessarily physical contact? Sleaze. School yard dwelling trench coat wearer? You get the point.

Perhaps the most important “first impression” however, is the launch issue of a magazine. From the subject matter and target audience to the art direction and editorial tone, the inaugural issue of a magazine is much like a first blind date. You have vague information about your potential suitor with two likely scenarios A) A fleeting encounter which invariably ends in disappointment or B) A lifelong love affair. We much prefer the latter and were reminded of that indescribable feeling that comes from discovering a magazine you love and that gets you (if that’s possible?) by Premiere Issues a blog dedicated to archiving the inaugural issues of the world’s most loved publications including the opening statements from Editors and Publishers.

So whether it’s rekindling nostalgia for the defunct publications of yesteryear (R.I.P. The Face) or the hopeful discovery of a future classic, Premiere Issues is the first place you should look (See what I did there? OK I’ll shut up now). Check out some of our favourite Issue One’s below…