YouTube ‘Pranksters’ Charged Over Brissy River Bridge Jump Video

If you ask anyone who lives in Brisbane where the best part of the river to go swimming in is, they will almost universally tell you the same thing: DON’T. Whether it’s because of bull sharks or because of that guy whose stomach basically exploded because he accidentally drank river water or just because it is super gross in there, most of us understand that this river belongs to the filth and the sharks, and is thus not the domain of man.

Is it a bad idea to jump off a 15-metre high bridge into a river that is relatively busy with ferry and commercial boat traffic? Yeah, pretty bad, but if that river is specifically the Brown Snake, it is a terrible fucking idea. Regardless of whether or not you are doing it for your pranks-oriented YouTube channel, it is a dumbass idea.

YouTuber Luke Erwin is probably now feeling that, after being officially charged by police over a jump he did into the river on January 9 that was filmed by his mate Jackson O’Doherty. Erwin was apparently participating in the ‘silly salmon’ challenge, where if someone tells you to silly salmon you jump into a nearby body water of like a huge tool (?). Yeah, not sure about that one either.

The definitely-not-at-all-planned-and-entirely-spontaneous video shows the pair walking over the Goodwill Bridge (the footbridge that connects South Bank to QUT) when O’Doherty tells Erwin to launch his body in a dumbass fashion over the railing, which he promptly does.

In a later video O’Doherty said that the cops rolled up pretty fast after they were alerted by security guards who saw it take place:

He jumped off it, about 20 minutes later, we got arrested. . .then it all just went south.

The pair will be fronting up to court on February 19, facing a charge of “unregulated high-risk behaviour“.