An absolutely wild blue light lit up the New York City night sky after a power plant explosion occurred in Queens. Before the light show’s explanation got out, many were wondering if it was an alien invasion and honestly, I don’t blame them.

Speaking with NBC New York, the Con Edison power plant said some transformers at the substation on 20th Avenue and 32nd Street tripped offline and started a fire, which is what lit up the sky. Residents in Astoria and Queens said the explosion was so bright, it was almost as if it were daytime.

The light show was immense and could be seen from as far as Manhattan, with residents across the city stopping to take pictures and video to post to social media. No injuries have been reported, but some areas of the city have experienced blackouts, including the LaGuardia Airport.

And of course, it wouldn’t be social media coverage without a generous sprinkling of taking the piss.

Yep, that is some Independence Day-looking shit. Here’s hoping that injury count stays at zero.

Source: NBC New York
Image: Getty Images / [Photographer name]