The Boss Who Went Full Spud On A Video Chat Still Has No Fkn Clue How It Happened

The starch queen who turned herself into a potato during a video conference has finally shared her side of the story, and it’s got major ‘uni-lecturer-trying-to-figure-out-the-projector’ energy.

Speaking with the ABC, American political organiser Lizet Ocampo explained the whole situation was pretty damn confusing for her.

“I didn’t understand why I had a filter and why, of all things, I was a potato,” she said.

“I tried to fix the settings for some time, turned off the camera a couple of times.

“It wasn’t working so I decided just to remain as a potato.”

Earlier in the day, she’d been trying to download some filters for a virtual happy hour with her workmates, but gave up on the idea after receiving a bunch of error messages.

In the meantime, her fate was sealed: the potato filter would be stuck on for all to see.

It wasn’t until the next day that her colleague Rachele Clegg texted her to say not only did she share a screenshot, but that screenshot went viral on Twitter.

Since then, Ocampo has leaned into her role as the Potato Boss, even rebranding her own Twitter and littering it with a bunch of terrible potato puns.

Ocampo said she’s not embarrassed by the fuckup, as it proved to be a nice moment of humour amid the coronavirus chaos.

“It made so many people in the country and around the world laugh at a time where many people need laughs,” she added.

Now a seasoned veteran of online meetings, her advice for first-timers is pretty matter-of-fact.

“Maybe check if you are a vegetable first before joining work meetings,” she said.

“But generally, stay planted and safe.”