Postie Bikes Are So 2000-And-Late And Will Soon Be Replaced By Electric Neon Three-Wheeled Pods

Postie bikes, he iconic skinny red motorbikes ridden by Aussie posties, will soon be nothing but a memory, as they’re being replaced due to safety concerns.

The bikes have been used by Australia Post since the 70s but will be phased out by 2025.

Replacing them will be new (and weird) three-wheel electric delivery vehicles (eDVs) that are safer and can carry more parcels.

The e-bikes were unveiled in 2019 but Australia Post made the phase-out announcement on Tuesday, one year after a postie died after being hit by a driver in a 4WD.

The new vehicles are partly encased so drivers are better protected, and shielded from rain.

They’re also massive and fluoro yellow so you really can’t miss them.

Image source: Australia Post

But they can only go up to 45km/h and will be driven on footpaths so pedestrians will need to get out the way to let them pass.

Trials of the vehicles have already delivered loads of benefits for our beloved posties.

Drivers reported they were less fatigued at the end of their shifts and felt safer in their neon bubbles because they were so much more visible to other drivers on the road. This was reflected in a significant decrease in reported incidents compared to on postie bikes. 

Another benefit is that they can be driven by those with motorbike or car licences.

Previously only motorbike licence holders could apply, which historically has typically been men. Aus Post hopes to recruit from a wider pool now and create a less male-dominated culture.

In November Aus Post also welcomed the first 20 electric trucks to its delivery fleet, so we look forward to more of that, please.