Posters Slamming Peter Dutton Have Popped Up Around Sydney & Melbourne

A new batch of posters railing against Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has exploded across Melbourne and Sydney, with social media users capturing a slew of the vibrant “Fakewit” ads.
The imagery, created by agency Advision, shows the po-faced minister giving his best thousand-yard stare. The image of a woman, who appears to be wearing a hijab, can be seen on his tie. 

Of course, the whole thing sits above the call to arms of “#DumpDutton.”

The posters have been eyeballed in the Sydney ‘burbs of Alexandria, Darlinghurst, Petersham, Granville, and Redfern, to name a few.

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The protest posters come as part of a seemingly ever-present tide of resentment against the man, who has consistently defended Australia’s harrowing offshore detention scheme, advocated for the citizenship test to focus on the increasingly nebulous concept of Australian values, and even claimed that corporations that advocate for marriage equality may have poorer customer service as a result.
It’s also a bit of a confirmation that Dutton is now the big bag in Australian politics, after similar poster campaigns railing against Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, Mike Baird, and Joe Hockey.

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Just quietly, we think Dutton might just outlast a poster series, especially as his seat is way up north in Queensland. But, it’s chill to see some v. public opposition to one of the most onerous figures in Australian life.

Source: Instagram.
Photo: @littlesparrow / Instagram.