In This Week’s Edition Of Perth Being Perth, A Bar Didn’t Let Post Malone In Bc Of His Face Tatts

Post Malone wearing a Looney Tunes jersey performing on stage in Brazil.

A fuddy-duddy bar in Perth didn’t let Post Malone in ‘cos of his face and neck tattoos. First Logan Paul and KSI were denied the privilege to spruik their dogshit energy drink at a Woolies in the ‘burbs, and now this? The city is overrun with Boomers, I tell you.

Malone has been hightailing it around Australia with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the whole gang touched down in ye ol’ Perth over the weekend.

Per PerthNow, Mr Malone and his mates decided to hit the town on Saturday night and give QT Perth’s rooftop bar a whirl. I find this funny because I have lived in Perth my entire life and genuinely forgot that bar existed until this very moment but alas, we play on.

What was meant to be a stunning night out in P-Town turned into a travesty, however, when security told Malone he wasn’t allowed to have a drinky poo on the rooftop because of his face and neck tattoos.

“They turned me away for my tattoos … I’ve never really experienced anything like that,” he told The West Australian while waiting to scootle his bootle into another venue.

According to the bar’s dress code, “face, neck and offensive tattoos” are “strictly not permitted”. I don’t want to live in a world where the likes of Post Malone and Jed McIntosh can’t sit at a rooftop bar, sip a spicy margarita which costs $49 and survey the Perth skyline, frankly.

Beanies and flip flops also aren’t allowed but TBH I vibe with this because I am yet to see a human being pull off what is essentially a woollen condom upon their noggin. That shit can stay banned.

QT Hotels has since issued a statement saying it’s heaps soz for the hullabaloo.

“At QT, we aim to welcome everyone and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. QT has been recognised for this for many years,” the statement released to Daily Mail Australia read.

“However, on Saturday night, our third-party security did not exercise the appropriate discretion and we take full responsibility for this. We sincerely apologise to the individuals affected.”

The apology is a little too late though ‘cos Malone ended up hoofing it to another rooftop bar by the name of 18 Knots after the “you shall not pass” incident at QT. By hook or by crook that man was determined to visit a bar on a roof!

Ah well. Much like no one is above the law (except for, you know, the über rich and powerful), this only proves that some rooftop bar in Perth’s dress code policy applies to all.

In saying that, I’m praying to high heavens the no face or neck tattoo policy doesn’t extend to folks with traditional facial tattoos ‘cos if it does, you best believe I’ll be kicking up a stink.