This week in “Things You Probably Shouldn’t Be Doing”, a video has surfaced where two people spark up a joint (or a poorly-rolled ciggie) in front of what looks like a ringtail possum that’s ducked its head under their window. Not a good look, folks!

In the video posted to Reddit, one hand flicks a lighter while another brings the doob to the possum’s curious face, and you can hear stifled laughter in the background. The video cuts out when the possum recoils slightly and lets out a feral scream (which is fitting considering the video’s been posted to a subreddit about perfectly-timed screms.)

Footage Emerges Of Idiot Bonglords Trying To Force A Joint On A Possum

Throughout the comments, there’s many that have admitted that they’ve laughed at the poss, and others have gone into detail about how Australian possums are very different from American opossums, but there’s also a lot of chat about how this is straight-up animal cruelty, and how there’s evidence that some animals can get seriously poisoned from marijuana.

Despite how perfectly-timed the video cut-off is, and how much it might be funny to talk about a possum being a huge bonglord, or how much it might seem like the possums in Hyde Park in Sydney are chewing on something a bit harder than the devil’s lettuce, at the end of the day it’s irresponsible and pretty fuckin’ mean.

Authorities are yet to respond to the video, but we’ll keep you updated on what happens there, considering Reddit is largely a collective of anonymous users.

Considering animal cruelty in Australia carries a hefty fine and potentially jail time, offering a possum to choof a blunt is a really dumb thing to do. Don’t do that. Even if it doesn’t inhale, it’s just not good for poss.

Image: Reddit