The Pope Got Trapped In A Lift For 25 Minutes, Proving God Works In Mysterious Ways

Here’s some sad proof that we live in a cold and uncaring universe governed only by chaos: the Pope got stuck in a lift for 25 minutes.

In what will maybe one day become an Oscar-winning one-man screenplay, thousands of worshippers waited in St. Peter’s Square for  Pope Francis to emerge and deliver his Sunday sermon while the pontiff himself was extremely trapped in a lift.

After seven minutes of waiting, the Pope emerged and let them all know what happened.

“First of all I must excuse myself for being late. I was blocked in an elevator for 25 minutes.”

“Thank God the firefighters intervened,” he said. “Let’s hear it for [them]!”

The best part is that, for some reason, we now have a series of vaguely unsettling photos of the Pope posing in the elevator which trapped him. A rare and precious visual artefact.

God tests us all in mysterious ways, folks.