Melbourne has allegedly copped its first high-profile “poo jogger” with CCTV footage appearing to show a runner dropping trou, and dropping something else, in a community garden bed.

The Herald Sun reports Albert Park local Shayne Whiteley took to Twitter on Wednesday to share yesterday morning’s intriguing security camera video.

The footage appears to show a man waddling up to the kerb, placing his phone and water bottle on the ground, and lowering his shorts over some kind of plant.

The man appears to return his shorts to their upright position, retrieve his bottle and phone, and continue on his merry way.

At no point in the footage could anything resembling hand-washing be observed.

“To top my ‘crap’ morning off, some dirty bastard #poojogger Pile of [turds] on my freshly planted iso’ garden,” Whiteley said.

Melbourne Allegedly Has A Poo Jogger Of Its Very Own According To Grot CCTV Footage
via Shayne Whiteley / Twitter

Whitely maintains the small patch of greenery and installed cameras to protect against thieves, the paper reports.

But his concerns didn’t just lie with his own enjoyment of the garden.

“To make things worse, this small garden is being done up like a fairy garden for the local kids,” Whiteley added.

“My toddler is always in it.”

A public toilet was a mere 50 metres away, he said.

The incident comes after a number of highly-publicised poo jogging cases in Queensland and New South Wales, including last year’s war between PR person Roxy Jacenko and the mysterious turd-dropper who left homemade and deeply unwelcome gifts outside her office.