Pollies Are Goin’ Toe-To-Toe Over Which Town Invented The Humble Chiko Roll

There’s a lot of unrest occurring in #AusPol right now. Pollies are storming out of Parliament in protest of bizarre racist speeches, pollies are blocking plebiscites, and pollies are demanding change and fighting for marriage equality
But also, politicians are demanding recognition for one of Australia’s most loved, most iconic foods: the humble Chiko Roll. 
Three different MPs are now debating which of their towns was the sole place of creation for the Aussie snack roll, after a rather territorial comment was made in the House of Representatives yesterday. 
The insane rivalry began after NSW National MP Andrew Gee claimed that Bathurst was the home of the delightful roll: 
“If it’s Tic Tacs or Nutella that you enjoy … well they were definitely made in Lithgow.

Or if Australia’s iconic Chiko Roll is more to your liking … well they were made in Bathurst.”
This is a very real, actual photo of the chaos that has emerged from this comment:
Pollies from Bendigo in VIC and Wagga Wagga in NSW are *NOT* damn well impressed. 
Nationals Member for Riverina Michael McCormack gave a statement after, saying, 
“It was launched at the 1951 Wagga Wagga Agricultural Society Show!

We have in our Riverina Museum in Wagga Wagga the Gold Chiko Roll given to us by the manufacturers, acknowledging the fact that Wagga Wagga is home of the Chiko Roll.”
Labor Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters is also outraged by the theft:

“It’s just outrageous that these NSW MPs … can try and claim credit for the Chiko Roll … it was invented in Bendigo by a Bendigonian.

I’d strongly request the National Party to do their research, at least start with the back of the packet; it says on the back of the packet that the Chiko Roll was born in Bendigo.”
To summarise the illustrious, delicious, and complex history of the Chiko Roll:
  • It was created by Frank McEncroe somewhere around 1950.
  • Frank was born in Castlemaine in VIC, but went on to work in Bendigo. He was a boilermaker, but he also sold food at country shows. 
  • In 1951, he offered the first Chiko Roll for sale at the Wagga Wagga show.
  • Now, Chiko Rolls are made by a manufacturer Simplot, who are based in Bathurst.
PEDESTRIAN.TV has contacted Chiko Roll for a definitive comment. 
Never fear, reader! We will solve this mystery once and for all.
Source: ABC