London Police have announced they are launching an investigation into the shocking and devastating Grenfell Tower disaster, hinting that criminal offences may have contributed to the apartment block blaze that has so far racked up an “official” death toll of 30, a number that is expected to rise.

The blaze, which consumed the entire 24-storey block of flats, is being looked into by investigators to determine what exactly caused it, and whether or not criminal misconduct contributed to the severity of it.

Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy asserted that their investigation will “establish the facts and provide answers,” as they “look into what criminal offences may have been committed.” Cundy stopped short of suggesting what crimes exactly they were looking into, but he did assert that there was “nothing to suggest the fire was started deliberately.

The official death toll from the blaze currently sits at 30, up from 17 overnight, as firefighters continue the extremely difficult process of recovering bodies from within the tower. British press is reporting that as many as 70 people are still missing and unaccounted for in the tower. 24 people remain in hospital, with 12 of those people in critical condition.

British Labour MP David Lammy called for arrests to be made over what he labelled “corporate manslaughter,” lambasting Britain’s public housing crisis which he says has left towers like Grenfell in appalling condition.

They haven’t got easy fire escapes, they’ve got no sprinklers, it’s totally, totally unacceptable in Britain that this is allowed to happen and people lose their lives in this way.”

“People should be held to account.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wrote an incensed letter to British Prime Minister Theresa May, warning her that community reaction to the fire is becoming “increasingly angry” due to poor political response.

May was accosted by furious protesters earlier today as she attended the nearby Kensington Town Hall. As many as 500 gathered at the building, forcing May to run to her car under police guard as she left the building, with echoes of “coward” being hurled in her direction.

The gathered crowd chanted “shame on you” and “May must go” as frustrations continue to mount over the Tory PM’s lack of action and perceived lack of empathy in the wake of the disaster.

One incensed man on the streets demanded to know why May hasn’t even done as much as ask for a minute’s silence from the British people to mark those who died in the disaster.

May was criticised for not meeting with the victims and those displaced by the fire, with the offical line from her office claiming it was due to “safety concerns.” However, as many have pointed out, 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth II managed to visit with some of the people affected overnight.

London Police’s investigation remains on-going, as fire crews continue the grim and slow task of identifying and recovering bodies from inside the tower.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Photo: Carl Court/Getty.