A disgruntled doctor bent on revenge has opened fire at a New York City hospital today, killing one female doctor and injuring six other people before turning the gun on himself. 

Dr Henry Bello was dismissed from the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in 2015 after allegations of sexual harassment. According to other doctors at the hospital, he had threatened them when he was fired. Dr Maureen Kwankam, who was a witness to today’s rampage, told the Daily News:

“We fired him because he was kind of crazy. He promised to come back and kill us then.”

Bello entered the hospital at around 2:45pm New York time while wearing a white lab coat concealing a semi-automatic rifle. After moving through the hospital, shooting – a police report suggests that he was “aiming for and aiming at doctors” – he attempted to set himself on fire, and then shot himself dead. 

The doctor had a criminal record including attempted burglary, fare evasion, trying to look up women’s skirts with a mirror (what the fuck) and sexual assault – he reportedly grabbed a woman’s crotch on the street in Manhattan in 2004, telling her “you’re coming with me“.

Police have praised the actions of hospital staff, who apparently underwent active shooter training just three months ago. Some of them carried a wounded doctor down nine floors in order to get them into emergency treatment. 

One of the shooting victims is in a stable condition, but the rest are critical. Our thoughts are with the people of the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, and their families. 

Source: Sky News / ABC News / Daily Beast / New York Daily News

Image: Facebook.