PM Turnbull Seems Mighty Curious About Tesla Boss Elon Musk’s SA Power Bet

Life comes at you fast. 

Three days after making the balls-to-the-wall bet that Tesla could install a battery farm in South Australia within 100 days of pen being put to paper – or the entire operation would be free – Elon Musk has had a chinwag about his energy storing proposal with none other than Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Taking to Twitter to, uh, publically thank the dude for the discussion, Turnbull said it was pretty dang nice to talk to someone who claims to have the solution to the state’s energy woes.

That vibe was reciprocated by Musk, and you can bet Turnbull was keen to use the opportunity to spruik his government’s supposed focus on power storage.

That discussion followed another one between South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill and Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes, who has inserted himself as an intermediary into this whole deal.

While it still seems quite wild that SA could have a tenable solution to its blackout-susceptible power supply within a few months, the upshot is quite impressive.

Similar Tesla systems have been installed in California and Hawaii to supply power to the grid when demand is exceptionally high, and the prospect of SA, y’know, not being plunged into darkness at the next inopportune moment seems mighty fine. 

This is all happening very bloody quickly, but we’ll keep you posted if Turnbull, Weatherill and Musk sort something out.

Source: ABC.
Photo: Tesla / Facebook.