Pls Enjoy This AFL Draftee Giving The Loosest Interview Of The Century Feat. A Mass Stacks-On

Darcy Wilmot and mates on an interview

Darcy Wilmot was sitting on his couch at home in Victoria last night, eagerly waiting to find out if he would be picked by an AFL side in this year’s draft.

The 17 year old was surrounded by mates, all of whom were just as keen to know whether Wilmot’s football dreams would come true.

The tension in the room could’ve been cut with a knife as AFL Chief Executive Officer and certified mega hunk Gillon McLachlan read out the next pick.

“With pick 16, the Brisbane Lions have selected Darcy Wilmot from the Northern Knights.”

Then all hell broke loose.

The draftee’s mates clambered over him in what can only be described as a nostalgically primary school style ‘stacks on’.

What happened next could have been ripped straight out of a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch. Except this exchange was very much conducted in Aussie accents.

Amidst the celebrations, Fox Footy host Brad Johnson began to interview the youngster.

“You can lock down, you can be attacking as well, what do you think you bring straight to this AFL environment?” asked the former Bulldogs champion.

“Oh, just everything you just said then.”

“Just me (sic) best footy I’ll bring, and hard work and determination and just everything I’ve got in me. I’ll bring it to the AFL.” Replied Wilmot, before one of his mates brought the room to rapturous laugher by confidently adding “100%”.

Journalist Sarah Jones fronted up for the next question, asking: “have you got a few celebrations in store?”

Just as his mate went to hand him a beer from off camera, the underage 17-year-old then wisely responded “oh, couple more Pepsi Max.”

“Just having a couple with the boys and the family and stuff.”

Aside from his elite interviewing skills, Wilmot is also highly rated as a footy player.

Cal Twomey from AFL Media said that the #15 pick “plays with vigour and resolve in defence and enjoys taking the game on as well as stopping his direct opponents.”

At the time of writing, no statistical analysis on the number of Pepsi Max cans Wilmot consumed last night has been released.

Though if it does, we’ll be sure to update you.

See the full interview here.