And now for a slice of unimpeachably good news: there was a high-jump competition for dogs held at the Huonville Show in Southern Tasmania today, and thanks to the good fellas associated with First Dog on the Moon, we have video evidence.

What follows is, I’d propose, exactly what the internet is for: sharing moving images of people’s beloved pets joyously leaping (or attempting to leap) over a growing barrier into the back of a ute filled with hay.

Every dog who participates does his or her best. Every pooch is a champion. Some are small. Some are blind. Some will do anything to pursue their stick. They are all outstanding in their field, a credit to their nation, and Very Good Dogs.

So wherever you may be, and however bad you may be feeling, take ten minutes, settle in, and watch all of these videos. Feel the unadulterated calm that comes with bearing witness to something pure and good wash over you. There are dogs in the world, and some of them are doing the high-jump, and some of them have names like Gus, Bandit and Digger, and they are making things better, wherever they are.

Daisy may have won the high-jump comp, but we are all winners for having witnessed this purest of moments. Thank you to dogs everywhere. You’re all treasures.