Council Watches In Horror As Strange Man Does Deeply Weird Rap About Shooting Putin’s Brains

plano council putin rap

Something is in the water in Plano, Texas, and no it isn’t highly dangerous toxic chemicals unsafe for human consumption. It’s a bit of that go-go juice that really sets the Americans apart from everyone else. Today, as Australians, we will simply be pointing and laughing. Lucky us.

The Plano City Council occasionally hosts meetings in which they listen to the concerns of the people, as councils often do. However in this instance it looks like an excuse for council members to sit at a round table like Arthurian knights. Heavens, what will we do about Morgana?

One moment in the council meeting however has gone viral online, after a man decided to *checks notes* rap about shooting Putin in the brains. Yes, the best way to end the war in Ukraine is totally to shout out lyrics in Plano, Texas.

Highlight lyrics of the wild fkn rap include:

“Zelenksyy is the VIP, Ukraine and I go insane, put a bullet in Putin’s brain, you know that is the plan, I’m a Zelenksyy stan. I love you Volodymyr Zelenskyy.”

Also, “You know I got that Pfizer, you know I stick it in my vein, put a bullet in Putin’s brain, do it for the Ukraine before I go insane.”

And my personal favourite line:

“[Inaudible Yelling]”.

You can watch it for yourself below.

Turns out the man yelling is someone named Alex Stein, who runs a YouTube channel called Conspiracy Castle. Basically, doing weird shit in council meetings is his shtick. And no I will not link you to the castle, some royal adventures need to taken in your own time.

The best part about this wild Plano council encounter however is that right after Stein came Cassidy Campbell, another YouTuber who was there to play a character and cause a scene.

What a day to be in Plano.

We may have some stupid fkn shit going down in our own political town, but this whole fiasco in Plano has truly taken the cake. Thank you Americans for being just slightly more unhinged than we are.