Pixie Geldof and Friend Get Head

We get sent through stories involving Pixie and Peaches Geldof everyday, we usually try to brush them but some are just too big to bump aside.

Long story short my boy Mike from Dead Kids pumped me through an email today. Apparently they played a gig on Halloween in London and heaps of shit went down ie. Anti-Semitism , broken fingers, gashed heads, E-grade celebrity hate. Find out how a decapitated goats heads ended up being thrown at Pixie’s pal Alison Mosshart … Rather than story the evening from 17 000kms away I’ll let London’s Sun do the honours.

The Sun’s take:
“PIXIE GELDOF and ALISON MOSSHART stormed out of a Halloween party after a goat’s head was pelted at their pal.

SIR BOB’s daughter got into the spirit of the macabre occasion at the A Plague On Both Your Houses bash, wearing a costume adorned with little skulls and sporting a fake blood-covered face.

However her revelry quickly turned to rage when a drunk member of rock band DEAD KIDS took to the stage wearing a swastika-emblazoned top – infuriating her Jewish friend.

Her pal’s night got worse when she was struck by an inanimate likeness of a decapitated goat as the Dead Kids brought their own reign of terror to the party.

Pixie, Alison and their wounded mate finally called it quits in disgust when the anarchic band began to fire lumps of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at guests in the VIP room.

Still, Pixie and co didn’t allow the Dead Kids’ misbehaviour to ruin their night and headed straight to another Halloween do in Soho Square.

Presumably no one there got their goat… or at least threw one at them.”

It seems as though we’re not the only peeps to share a distaste for the Gs.

Apparently the Sun left a few things out too:

Club promoters email to Dead Kids management:

“Dear Leona,

I’m sorry to have to contact you about this – especially as I count Kieron
as a personal friend – but we feel that some members of Dead Kids’ behaviour
at our night on Friday was completely unacceptable.
When the band arrived, Mike asked me to pay all £700 of the money upfront –
something which we agreed to do because of our close relationship with the
band in the past.
But their behaviour on the night has damaged our reputation and left us out
of pocket, which is something we’re not prepared to accept.
If we’d known the band were going to treat us and our event with so little
respect, we’d have kept some of the money back until the end of the night.
Unfortunately, we trusted them as friends and have since lived to regret
Before the band even made the stage, I had to convince a bouncer to let
them back into the venue after they’d been thrown out.
I later discovered that they’d caused a fight by throwing ice creams at
people in the VIP area, and fought the bouncers when they’d been asked to stop.
I had to personally calm the bouncer down and ask him to let the band back
I later had to ask Mike to stop throwing cans at people, or else the
bouncers would throw them out again.
Once on stage, Mike smasked one of the venue’s chairs, before announcing to
the crowd that they were idiots for paying so much money to come to our
night, and that he wouldn’t have bothered.
Following this, he jumped from the stage onto my brother, who was
celebrating his birthday at our event, and broke his finger.
He then threw an animal’s head from the stage into the crowd, which hit a
girl and split her head open, resulting in her having to go to hospital.
She consequently missed her DJ set with Team Disgusting and this has
damaged our relationship with B++++, the PR company she works for which were
helping us to promote the event.
As a result of this, two of our celebrity guests – Pixie Geldof and Alison
Mosshart of the Kills, who were both with the injured girl – left our night.
Once off stage, the band still continued to cause trouble – one of the band
members poured a Pot Noodle over a guest who’d travelled all the way from
Devon to come to our night.
Another hit one of our relatives with a plastic cane and tipped fake blood
all over journalist Amy Watts’ expensive fur coat, which we’re now paying to
get dry cleaned.
And numerous members of security also told us they’d seen members of the
band smashing our Silent Disco headphones. When tidying up, we found a pile of
smashed headphones by the stage, and are now left with a *** bill – £15 for
every headphone that isn’t returned in working order.
This is something we’re not willing to pay out of our own pockets because of the band> ‘s
We are now having to plead with the owners to let us use their venue again, as
they are left with a trail of broken furniture and equipment, and a list of
complaints about the band’s behaviour.
And everybody we speak to seems to have another story about how they have ruined their night. We are fielding
complaints from guests requesting refunds for being caught up in the band’s various brawls.
This is completely unacceptable, and we’re not happy at having to pay a
full fee for the band’s performance – especially when we are now having to foot
the bill for the damage they have caused.
In the past I’ve always been a fan of Dead Kids and their live
performances, but the band managed to sour the night for many of our guests, which is
unfortunately the lingering memory of they’re likely to take away –
especially those who ended up in hospital as a result.
Therefore, we’d like to discuss the return of some of Dead Kids’ fee to
cover the costs and damage to our reputation that their behaviour on Friday night
has caused.”

Are Dead Kids not the most exciting thing to come out of England in a long time?

Inhale some of their riotous jungle rock here.

Into The Fire – DEAD KIDS from Daniel Nicholson on Vimeo.