Pissedest Person Alive Caught Drink Driving At NINE TIMES The Legal Limit

You think you’ve had a big night before? You’ve had nothing compared to this.

A 52-year-old woman has been charged with drink driving in Coffs Harbour stemming from an incident back in January in which she crashed her car into a fence.
On the night of January 13th, the woman was driving her Hyundai Veloster in Boambee East when the car left the road and collided with the fence. Emergency services attended the scene, and police seized her license on suspicion of driving under the influence.
Subsequent blood work was carried out, and it’s taken until now to confirm the exact results, but they are bloody mind-bending.
The blood work confirms that the woman had a blood/alcohol reading that was NINE TIMES the legal driving limit.
How far over is that exactly?
She was 0.486.
In a statement issued this afternoon, Detective Inspector Darren Jameson believes it is the highest reading ever recording in New South Wales.

“Drink-driving is a very serious offence and not only risks the safety of the driver, but also all other road users. This is the highest PCA we’ve ever recorded.”

The woman, quite fkn obviously, has been issued a license suspension notice, and is now scheduled to face court to hear charges relating to extreme high-range drink driving on May 2nd.

Frankly, with that amount of booze coursing through the veins, it’s a damned miracle she’s not scheduled to report to a box instead.
Source: NSW Police.