Pls Enjoy The Delicious Moment Piers Morgan Had To Censor Someone On His ‘Uncensored’ Show

piers morgan censored uncensored

The last remaining of the UK’s invasive species of toad, Piers Morgan, has resurfaced like some deep forbidden curse. But hey at least this time it’s because he’s done something stupid instead of using his platform to bully women of colour.

After chucking a dummy spit on Good Morning Britain because his egregiously stilted opinion wasn’t being met with petal showers, Sky News Australia decided to give Piers another platform. So brave of you Sky News, thank you so much for this gift.

This platform led to the manifestation of the unearthly horror Piers Morgan: Uncensored. The whole gimmick of the show is exactly what you’d expect — it’s Piers Morgan, and he’s uncensored.

He must be so happy to finally be able to say what he wants. As we know, that’s never happened before. Piers is always quiet, likeable and lovely. Excuse me while my eyes roll all the way back into my mouth.

While giving his incredibly unwanted opinion on trans rights being women’s rights (two things Piers would know nothing about), he decided to censor someone who used their time on air to call him a c*nt.

Yes, he censored someone’s voice on a show that’s entire gimmick centres around allowing people to say what they want because they’re apparently suppressed by others all the time.

The only difference is Piers is spouting bullshit through this platform, while the guest is kinda onto something. I wanna hear what else this person has to say, to be honest.

You can watch the moment Piers censors his uncensored show below:

It’s truly miraculous how Piers is so sensitive to criticism or negative feedback considering he likes to cosplay daily as a man who’s been endlessly criticised for his “correct” opinions.

The truth is he’s just an entitled old white guy pruning in the overhead lights of the studio dungeon he calls his home because it’s the only place where people will listen to him anymore.

Anyway, I’m just glad we get to enjoy this clip of Piers censoring someone on an “uncensored” show. I guess the only person who gets to say what they want on there is him? Sounds like an echo chamber to me, but go off.