If you want to see an organisation that has never been on the internet for longer than five minutes, look no further than the Philadelphia Zoo, which has welcomed in the birth of a baby gorilla and are gonna hold an online contest to name it.

Today Philadelphia Zoo welcomed a new addition to the family: a western lowland gorilla baby born to Honi, the Zoo’s 21-year-old female and 31-year old silverback male Motuba. This is the second birth for Honi and the first birth for Honi and Motuba together. Mother and baby appear healthy but will be monitored by Zoo staff in the coming weeks and months. Like newborn humans, gorilla babies are essentially helpless, relying completely on their mother for care. Check back for updates on when the baby will be on exhibit with the rest of the troop in PECO Primate Reserve.

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The little gorilla bub was born to Honi and Motuba, a 21-year-old female and 31-year-old silverback male gorillas respectively. Zoo staff haven’t been able to determine its gender yet, because Honi has been carrying the gorrilibaby too closely for a genital inspection. 

It’s the first gorilla baby born at the zoo for 20 years, and as such it’s holding a little naming contest. It’s not going well. The contest hasn’t even technically begun yet, but the internet is wetting itself to make as many Harambe jokes as possible.


You have to admire this on-point take of internet culture, though.

Tbh, if the Philly Zoo *did* name the new gorilla Harambe (or any version there of), attendance would probably skyrocket by 4000%. Never let anyone tell you memes are good for nothing.

Source: Philly.com

Photo: Facebook / Philadelphia Zoo.