Having someone you like turn you down is pretty rough, sure, but dosing something with prescription medication they don’t need to intentionally try and hurt them is unbelievably fucked up.

Pharmacist Admits To Drugging Coworker 23 Times Bc She Knocked Him Back

Pharmacist Yan Chi “Anthony” Cheung pleaded guilty to a charge poisoning to injure or cause distress or pain, after admitting that he’d been slipping various drugs into his coworker’s water and coffee.

Cheung had encouraged his longtime friend Pamela Leung to get a job at the pharmacy, 5 years after they met, before he started making super gross advances on her, including a lot of unwanted contact with her body.

Leung confronted him about it and he stopped, but he then switched to lacing her drinks with prescription drugs like allergy drug Phenergan and bipolar disorder medication Seroquel, deliberately attempting to make her “suffer”.

He put crushed up medication in her instant coffee meaning she was getting a dose of sedatives every time she had a cup of joe.

Understandably the drugs made her drowsy as fuck, and her husband noticed something was wrong when she frequently required naps to get through the day and he would come home to find her asleep and completely unresponsive.

On top of the fact that this is wildly insane behaviour, both Cheung and Leung are married, so it’s not like Cheung could have expected a good reception for his actions even if she was interested. Disgusting.

Pharmacist Admits To Drugging Coworker 23 Times Bc She Knocked Him Back

Source: SMH.

Photo: Channel 9.