Petition To Bring In Daylight Savings In QLD Hits 10K Sigs In Record Time

A petition calling on the Queensland government to commit to another referendum on daylight saving has attracted more than 10,000 signatures in under two days. 
Thousands of Queenslanders are showing their support for finally bringing the state into chronological line with the rest of the East Coast, signing a parliamentary petition started by Brisbane‘s Deputy Lord Mayor Adrian Shrinner (pictured below). 
Even Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has voiced her personal preference for the system, while simultaneously doing her best to dash everyone’s hopes of at least a corner of sensibly-time-zoned Queensland. 
We will not be dividing Queensland in two over the issue of daylight saving,” she told the press on Tuesday. “Queensland is a very, very large state and whilst the people in the south-east would like it, I know a lot of people across regional Queensland would oppose it.
To which the people of the south-east say: BOO, GIVE US IT ANYWAY. 
The petition, which you can read / sign here, draws attention to the fact that the last (unsuccessful) referendum was held a whole 25 years ago, and suggests that we deserve another shot at fulfilling our dreams of long evening barbecues, getting to watch the telly at the same time as those fat cats in Melbourne, and being able to stay out until 4am without the sun coming up all of a sudden to illuminate our many terrible decisions. 
Daylight saving opponents raise admittedly good points about it messing with the lives of those in the state’s far north – what with their year-round 12 hour days, those lucky equatorial bastards – but just think of the difference those extra hours of post-work day drinking could make to Queensland’s happiness index!
Despite the ever-upwards ticking of the petition’s signature count, politicians from both sides of the aisle are doing their best to calm our clamouring for those sweet evening rays, with Liberal National Party leader Tim Nicholls calling the whole thing “a distraction.” Sorry, Tim, the mob has spoken! 

Source: Brisbane Times.
Image: YouTube / Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.