If you haven’t noticed, misogynists have been crawling out of the woodwork to be complete pieces of shit about Amber Heard‘s allegations of domestic violence against Johnny Depp.

Among the grossness was the opinion of Channel 7‘s ‘The Morning Show’ entertainment correspondent Peter Ford, who gave a doozy of an answer when asked to weigh in on the high profile divorce drama during a segment on the show.

Ford put forward that Depp’s mistake was marrying Heard in the first place… because she’s bisexual:

“I probably shouldn’t say this, I’ll probably get in trouble, but it’s not wise to marry a bisexual. This is what Johnny Depp has done here, with Amber Heard, and she was in a very legally committed relationship, a marriage, a legal marriage, to another woman when Johnny came along, and she decided to travel across to the other side.”

Bisexuals, hey. Untrustworthy heathens, the lot of them. 

Peter Ford Contacts Bisexuals, Psych To Educate Himself After Gross Comment

As everyone was quick to point out, the mere fact that he was able to say that on nationally broadcast television without either of the hosts calling him out on it or having to apologise is pretty crazy, and shows that we still have a longggggggggg way to go with attitudes about bisexuality.

Ford was torn on a new one on Twitter, and rightly so ‘cos wtf it’s 2016; this is just a snippet on the fallout. 

This morning, while once again appearing on The Morning Show, Ford addressed his comments and kinda, sorta, in a roundabout way apologised for them.

He also said that he privately contacted some of the people who called him out on Twitter, as well as psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg who explained to him why bisexuals aren’t less committed to their relationships than people of other sexualities.

An obvious lesson, but a valuable one if it means there’s one less bigoted hen spouting forth an outdated opinion on national television.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Daily Life writer Jenny Noyes – whose story on Ford’s comment kicked off his public shredding – said she appreciated his apology, but that the incident was a timely reminder to us all that education on gender and sexualty through programs like Safe Schools are as important as ever.

“I think it’s great that Peter has apologised to The Morning Show audience for his remarks and sought help to better understand what it means to be bisexual,” she said. “[But] I think it’s really sad that in 2016 there is such a poor understanding about sexuality in the Australian media. At a time when conservative critics are bashing the Safe Schools program, I think it really shows just how vital the program is for educating all Australians on gender, sexuality and most of all acceptance of each other.”

Peter Ford Contacts Bisexuals, Psych To Educate Himself After Gross Comment

Photo: The Morning Show.