The Mystery That Still Surrounds The Murder Of UK Tourist Peter Falconio

Peter Falconio Murder

As someone with a great interest in true crime (yep, I’m one of those sickos), there’s many cases in Australia and around the world that I’m pretty familiar with. But there’s a few cases I can really vividly remember actually happening and being reported on, like the 1994 abduction of Gordana Kotevski in my hometown of Newcastle, the horrific massacre of 35 people at Port Arthur in Tasmania back in ‘96, and the murder of British tourist Peter Falconio.

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You probably already know the details, but let me refresh your memory. Since November 2000, Peter, 29, and his girlfriend Joanne Lees had been on the trip of a lifetime. Having already visited NepalSingaporeMalaysiaThailand and Cambodia, they finally set off on a Aussie road trip in June of 2001 in an orange Kombi van.

On the evening of July 14, 2001, Peter and Joanne were driving along the Stuart Highway, heading north from Alice Springs toward the Devil’s Marbles. They’d stopped briefly at the Ti-Tree Roadhouse in Barrow Creek, and Peter had taken the wheel. After departing from the rest stop, they noticed a white 4WD was following quite closely behind them. Thinking they’d shortly be overtaken, they kept driving and soon the car drew up alongside them. The driver began gesturing towards the back of their Kombi as if something was wrong.

The couple and the man pulled over and Peter got out to speak to him. After returning briefly to the car to get his cigarettes, Peter returned to standing at the rear of the vehicle. Joanne recalls hearing a loud bang, and then the man appeared at her door brandishing a gun. She never saw her boyfriend Peter again.

A struggle ensued and Joanne escaped the man, running into the scrub and hiding out for several hours until she flagged down a passing truck driver who helped her back to the roadhouse to report the incident.

While a man was eventually charged with attacking Joanne and the murder of Peter Falconio, one question still remains: where is Peter’s body? It’s a mystery that we dive into in this week’s episode of PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s unsolved mysteries podcast, All Aussie Mystery Hour.

We look into the man charged with the murder, Bradley John Murdoch, as well as theories as to what happened to Peter Falconio and the mysterious anonymous letter that was sent to the NT News earlier this year claiming to have information about who dumped his body and where.

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