It took approximately zero seconds after he resigned from his position and took a seat on the backbench following a (for now) failed leadership coup for Peter Dutton to start trying to sell himself as a lovely human being and just an all-round top bloke.

The stony-faced ex-copper, who has been the figurehead of Australia‘s inhumane offshore detention policy and a strong voice in the choir of Liberal Party figures demonising immigrants and immigration through several lines of attack, did an interview on Sky News this afternoon where he insisted he’s just a nice, misunderstood bloke:

Dutton opined about how, as immigration minister, he has been unjustly defined by Manus and Nauru, just because of all the horrible things that happened there under his watch. Dutton said he had no regrets, apparently perfectly comfortable with the deaths that occurred during his tenure overlooking the portfolio.

The now-backbencher, who boycotted the apology to the Stolen Generations in 2008, said this is his time to show that he’s super nice, actually:

I think the opportunity for me, as a backbencher now, is to talk to people about a lot of things – I think I have a self-deprecating sense of humour, I like a drink like anyone else, it’s an opportunity for me, I think now, to talk a bit more the other side the public may not know.

What a fucking creep.

At this time it seems pretty relevant to bring up some words of wisdom from Dutton himself:

The leadership spill this morning might have gone Turnbull’s way, but it’s definitely not over.

Image: Getty Images / Michael Masters