People love to get mad on the Internet, usually for reasons that don’t reeeeally matter that much. Today is not one of those days. 

As you may already be aware, today is White Ribbon Day, which endeavours to raise awareness about the severe domestic violence problem we have in Australia. 

77 women have died from male violence, and there was over 100,000 protection orders enabled due to domestic violence. Most of the perpetrators were men. 

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton wanted to make it known that he was in support of White Ribbon Day, and that he is someone who publicly denounces violence against women.

Unfortunately, he also happens to be the bloke who effectively sentenced a bunch of women and children to mandatory detention centres where sexual assault, rape, and violence against women runs rife.

From the multiple reports of abuse, rape and sexual assault, to the awful treatment of pregnant rape victim Abyan; it seem increasingly obvious to the general public of Australia (as well as the recent United Nations Human Rights forum delegates) that Nauru and Manus Island are not safe places. 

Sending women and children to harmful and dangerous detention centres means you’re kinda okay with horrendous acts of sexual assault and violence against women, and are more or less part of the problem – otherwise you’d stop it happening, right? Which makes Peter Dutton a big fat hypocrite.

And so, it makes sense that the responses to Dutton’s tweet were a little more aggressive that he’d probably hoped for. And there’s a lot of them, too. These are just some:

And so we conclude another segment of ‘Why Politicians Probs Shouldn’t Have Twitter’. Ahhh, Internet. Ain’t it lovely?

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OG Image: Stefan Postles via Getty.