Dutton, Having A Great Day In Parliament, Got Called Potato Head & Boofhead In One Sitting


Peter Dutton, Australia’s foremost personification of something you could grow in your veggie patch at home (allegedly) has absolutely copped it in Parliament today.

The first whack came from opposition leader Anthony Albanese, who brought out the Dad Insults Dictionary: 2003 Edition to lampoon his rival.

As Albanese was speaking, Dutton went up to the microphone and began talking over him.

Albanese, with an expression of absolute disgust exclaims to Dutton: “oh, hang on. Sit down, sit down”.

Before dropping the absolute MOAB (Mother Of All Boof-head-insults).

“You sit down, boofhead.”

The exchange prompted one twitter user to comment “#SitDownBoofhead needs to trend”. And low and behold, it did.

Boofhead is now the number one twitter trend in the country. What an absolute day in politics.

The best thing? It’s trending above Omicron, which means that Australians are (quite rightly tbh) far more interested in verbal sledging than a new COVID variant.

BUT that wasn’t even the end of it.

Towards the very end of this next clip, it sounds as though Dutton is also called a “potato head” by another member of parliament.

We can’t know for sure who it was, or even if we heard it correctly. But listen to the clip and tell me you didn’t hear those haunting words drift softly across the Australian parliament en route to Mr Dutton’s ears.

The cheeky little jabs come after Albo already served extreme dad energy earlier this week.

Comedian Rhys Nicholson this week labelled this absolute stunner of a backyard pic, originally uploaded by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Every day, parliament is looking more and more like the outdoor aisle of Bunnings.