There are two things that Australia is really, really good at: focusing our entire political discourse around confected moral panics feverishly imagined by conservative politicians and columnists, and taking the piss. This evening we saw a wonderful nexus of the two as bemused Melbournians hit back at (newly-minted Minister for Home Affairs) Peter Dutton‘s absurd claim that they were too afraid of “African gangs.

In a very clear sign that an election is coming up, the Victorian Liberals are leaning heavily on the tried-and-true ‘you could die at any second unless you vote for us’ strategy, and folks aren’t having a bar of it. Those who found that, actually, they were pretty alright with leaving the house to chow down took to the hashtag #MelbourneBitesBack to (politely) tell Dutton and his Voldemort-looking bonce to fuck off.

Fuck, now I’m bloody hungry again.

Nice work Dutton, a bunch of people just had a lovely evening because of you, you fascist weirdo. Also: fun reminder that Victoria saw around a 6% reduction in crime from 2016 to 2017.

Image: Twitter / Warnskagz