Peter Dutton Called ‘A Great Fraud’ Who Ignored ‘Grotesque Abuses’ By The Home Affairs Minister

Leader of the Opposition Peter Dutton, has copped a well-earned roasting after an internal government report into Australia’s immigration policies during his time as Home Affairs Minister had its findings released.

The criticism comes after it was found that Dutton essentially just ignored Australia’s broken immigration system when he was minister. You know that thing that was his job? He ignored it. Way to earn that $200K paycheque, Dutton!

Carried out by former Victorian Police Commissioner Christine Nixon, the report was titled, “Rapid Review into the Exploitation of Australia’s Visa System.”

“I have been appalled by the abuses of sexual exploitation, human trafficking and other organised crime that have been presented to me through this Rapid Review,” writes Nixon in the report’s opening letter to the current Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Niel.

In parliament, O’Niel delivered the government’s response to the Rapid Review, which detailed the “grotesque abuses” highlighted in the report, and accused Dutton of being “a great fraud” for turning a blind eye to such atrocities.

I’ve gotten bad reports from school before, but I never had a teacher say I was “a great fraud.”

The photo of Peter Dutton that he asked to be removed. 2016. Source: BBC.

O’Niel said that the state of the immigration system in Australia was “seriously and systemically” broken, and had essentially been left to run rampant in Dutton’s time as Home Affairs Minister from 2017-2021.

“How did this all happen in public view? It’s fairly simple. It was lack of care, lack of attention, and lack of basic interest in one of the most important things that the Australian government does,” O’Niel said.

“And the responsibility for a lot of these problems lies directly at Peter Dutton’s feet.”

Peter Dutton is hardly unfamiliar with copping a burn. He has become widely known for getting called nicknames like “Voldemort” or my personal favourite: “Minister Potato Head“.

However the most brutal thing anyone has ever said about Dutton would easily be the time his own wife went out of her way to say, “My husband is not a monster.”

Clarifying the bare minimum doesn’t make him look like a saint, babe. I’m not putting “I’m not a monster” on Hinge and expecting any good matches.