As Victorian health authorities stepped in and took over the Epping Gardens nursing home after over 120 residents rested positive for COVID-19, the couple behind the facility, Peter and Areti Arvanitis, had something very different to come home to.

Their Toorak home was snapped by Vogue Living back in March, and, well, it’s certainly a step up from the conditions in the couple’s nursing homes, where the aged care watchdog reported a “severe and immediate risk to residents”.

Described in the article as “the Melbourne mansion with Gucci in almost every room”, the couple’s Sims 2-looking hodgepodge is as fugly as it is ostentatious. Although, not gonna lie, it’s defs luxurious.

Interestingly, the Vogue article refers to the owners by first name only: Areti and Panagiotis. However, an Australian Stock Exchange listing application for Estia Health states that Panagiotis, one of its directors, is “also known as ‘Peter Arvanitis’.”

Did a child design this house? (Vogue Living / Anson Smart)

According to company documents obtained by Guardian Australia, both Areti and Panagiotis Arvanitis also own half of Heritage Care, which runs the Epping Gardens facility.

As nursing home residents suffered from a lack of systems designed for “identifying and responding to abuse and neglect of consumers”, according to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, the Vogue article notes that Areti joked about their architect “suffering now that the house is complete” after five years of work.

The families of residents in Epping Garden also complained to Guardian Australia that their loved ones weren’t washed enough, or properly. Meanwhile, the Arvanitis’ en suite (not even their main bathroom) has a custom tub, marble walls and a chandelier made of vintage Murano glass.

The exterior is slightly nicer, if you’re into Depression-era banks. (Vogue Living / Anson Smart)

While residents who were unable to get out of bed complained that food was left outside their door (and thus left uneaten), the Arvanitis household has two kitchens – one for show, and one that’s concealed, where their private chef works.

Upon finding out this juicy info, heaps of people, including one federal MP, noted just how huge the gap is between the the Arvanitis home and the condition in their nursing homes.

The couple moved into this “dream home” monstrosity earlier this year, but their previous mansion was equally lavish.

These homes, apparently, are what you can get from being at the top of the aged care industry.