The Victorian Chief Health Officer has thrown shade at Pete Evans on Twitter over his wild energy machine, and you really do hate to see it.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday night, CHO Professor Brett Sutton called out the nearly-$15,000 device, pointing out that you can protect yourself for $0 by just staying the fuck home.

In just over an hour, the tweet had already amassed nearly 2,000 likes and 487 retweets, proving that Sutton was just saying what we were all thinking.

In case you missed it, Pete Evans (yep, *that* one) found himself in hot water earlier this week after promoting a weird-looking energy machine on Instagram, asserting that it could be a cure/preventative of the coronavirus.

The ‘BioCharger NG’ retails for a whopping $14,990, looks like a futuristic blender and according to Pete Evans, has a couple of “recipes” to help with coronavirus.

“It’s programmed with a thousand different recipes and there’s a couple in there for the Wuhan coronavirus,” Pete said in a now-deleted Instagram video.

Long story short, it isn’t and the Therapeutic Goods Association is currently investigating the product and its claims.

Following Evans’ weird, not-at-all-scientific claims, the BioCharger’s parent company Advanced Biotechnologies came forward with a statement clarifying that the device isn’t going to do protect or cure you from COVID-19.

“Recent coverage points to the BioCharger as a cure or treatment to the novel coronavirus,” a statement read.

“The BioCharger is not a medical device, and for that reason, Advanced Biotechnologies suggest that anyone seek medical attention from their primary care provider if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and all other diseases, infections and ailments; and follow guidelines put in place by your local governments including social distancing, strong personal hygiene, and contacting your primary care provider when experiencing any symptoms.”

But if somehow you were *still* contemplating buying this as a coronavirus cure (even after the TGA and the company itself shut down the wild claims), even the Victorian Chief Health Officer is warning against it.

If you want to protect yourself (and others) from the coronavirus, all you need to do is stay the fuck home and maintain healthy habits like washing your hands and keeping a safe distance from people if and when you need to leave the house.

If you think you may have coronavirus, either call your doctor (DON’T visit) or contact the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080. If you’re struggling to breathe or experiencing a medical emergency, call 000. 

And please remember to wash your hands frequently (for at least 20 seconds) and keep at least 1.5 metres between you and those around you.