Petbarn Is Doing A Boonta Up To 50% Off Sale If Your Fur Baby Needs Yet Another Toy

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been smothering your dog or cat all lockdown. I cannot stop lavishing my Millie Moo with dog toys, dog beds, whatever. The great news is, End Of Financial Year sales have hit the online shops, and Petbarn are doing an epic one.

Heaaaaps of stuff is on sale right now, with price drops of up to 50% off everything from pet crates to cat scratchers, dog flea treatments to fish food. Whatever your pet baby, there’s stuff to buy it at cheap prices.

I’ve rounded up some stuff I reckon is tops. Like, wanna get your dog a Christmas In July gift?

Kazoo Christmas Dog Stocking, $2

Or dress them up for it, why not when this outfit is THREE BUCKS.

Joy Love Hope Santa Suit, $3

This cat scratcher is 50% off if yours is currently in shreds.

Purrfect Pet Cat Scratcher, $125

And this dog thrower is 30% off.

Zeus K9 Fitness Ball, $8.99

This cat scratcher is also 50% off:

Vesper Playstation Cat Scratcher, $35

As is this pet carrier:

Kurgo Carrier Keeper, $27.99

And this velvet dog collar is just 2 bucks.

Harmony Velvet Collar, $2

While this cute pink one is 40% off.

Rogz Beach Bum Collar, $14.39

And look at this cute cactus toy!

Leaps & Bounds Cat Teaser, $8

You can check out all the Petbarn sale stuff here.

PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s editors independently choose and write about products and other stuff we love and think you’ll froth on, too. We have affiliate partnerships so we might get a cut of the revenue from any purchase you make based on our recs. Happy buying.