Two Grown-Ass Adults Got Into A Biff At A Sydney Park Over Who Owned An Insta-Famous Cavoodle

This is an absolutely wild ride, so strap yourselves in, folks. Two ex-mates got into an alleged scuffle at a Sydney Park over *checks notes* an Instagram famous dog.

An A Current Affair report reveals the feuding friends are allegedly locked in a “custody battle” over a cavoodle named Oscar who has a whopping 10K followers (don’t even bother looking for it as the page has been deactivated while the court battle continues. The above image was sourced via’s report).

The dog’s alleged parents, a bloke named Mark Gillespie and married couple Kenneth Flavell and Gina Edwards, have been in a “long-running court battle with the couple to determine who is the rightful owner of Oscar,” according to

Apparently Gillespie bought the dawg and the couple would dog-sit the poor creature when he was away for work as a cruise director.

Gillespie told A Current Affair that while he was away on a cruise, the couple built up Oscar’s IG following by posting loads of cute snaps and good ol’ Oscar ended up scoring roles in TV shows and Sydney Opera House productions.

Then one day in 2019, they allegedly told him that they will “not be returning the dog.”

“Heartbroken instantly and didn’t think that she would do that to me. I mean, he’s my dog,” Mr Gillespie told A Current Affair.

He added: “[Gina] never wanted him as a pup. I just want my dog to be a dog.”

Gillespie says he allegedly hasn’t seen the dog in over 18 months, which is how the fight allegedly got started as he and the ACA camera crew descended on Edwards as she walked the dog in a Sydney park.

“I’m just collecting my property thank you,” he says in the vid.

“Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare,” Edwards screams at him.

“Get away from me,” Gillespie says, before falling the fuck over.

“I can’t believe you did this. There is a court case pending. You cannot take him,” she screamed at him.

“I can’t believe you took him in the first place,” Gillespie bites back.

Edwards has since filed for an AVO against Gillespie.

“There are some alternative solutions to this course … the easiest of these would be for the parties to agree that Oscar’s value is below $20,000, but clearly neither party is prepared to put such a low price on his head,” NSW district court Judge Judith Gibson said in her ruling.

“It may seem a very minor matter for the supreme court to be troubled by a dispute about a dog, even a celebrity dog with its own Instagram account, but there would appear to be no alternative to transfer.”

Ya know who I feel sorry for in this whole sitch? Poor lil Oscar. I mean, look at him:

Poor lil bugger.

Head here to watch the footage.