Perth Zoo Goes On Lockdown After Orangutan Mum & Bub Break Out Of Enclosure

A pair of orangutans, which are objectively the best of all apes, sparked a lockdown of Perth Zoo yesterday after they managed to bust out of their human-devised enclosure.

The Zoo confirmed that young orange boy Sungai lost his footing while goofing around on the enclosure’s play equipment, and subsequently fell into a garden. Mother Sekara rushed to help, also scaling the barrier. 

After scooping up the blessed long-armed child, Sekara hopped onto the railing of a visitor walkway, giving animal-watchers a closer-than-expected view of the v. good creatures. 

Fortunately, both of ’em were able to take themselves back in their enclosures, but not before visitors were removed from the area and a quarantine declared on the premises. 

The perfect animals were declared to be in good health by vets after the incident, which wrapped up within 20 minutes. 

And yes, the Zoo is currently conducting an investigation into how they both managed to bust out in the first place. Just as well, too: it’s the second orangutan break-out they’ve had in as many years.

Source: ABC / 7 News.
Photo: @john_dempsey / Instagram.