Three cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Perth on Saturday, after a security guard caught the virus at work at a hotel currently being used to quarantine international arrivals.

The man, who’s in his 20s, is believed to have contracted the virus from two COVID-positive travellers on the floor where he was working at the Pan Pacific Hotel. 

Unfortunately his illness initially went undetected, and according to the ABC, he was actively infectious for four days. Now, two of his housemates have also tested positive, and contact tracers are racing to find any potential public exposure sites in Perth.

The outcome of all this, of course, is that the entire Western Australian capital is on the edge of its seat waiting to see if they’ll be plunged into another snap lockdown. This comes just days after a three-day snap lockdown caused by a COVID-positive traveller from Melbourne, which cancelled ANZAC Day events and generally ruined people’s weekends.

WA Premier Mark McGowan has said that the holdover restrictions (including mandatory masks in all public places) from that lockdown may work in their favour this time:

They have significantly reduced movement in the community and the fact everyone has been wearing masks – that gives us some confidence that the risk of transmission is significantly lower than it would normally be.

However, as we keep learning with this god damn virus, nothing is certain and everything can change at a whim! Thinking of you, Perthonalities. Stay safe and get another cute mask, just in case. We will keep you updated. 

Source: ABC
Image: Getty Images / bee32